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Description: Weight: 220g /7.8oz (per shoe at size 23.5cm)

Upper: Synthetic Fiber

Midsole: POWER CUSHION™+, POWER CUSHION™, Synthetic resin

Outsole: Rubber bottom

Colours: Aqua Blue

Yonex SafeRun 100L

庫存單位: SHR100LB
HK$950.00 一般價格
  • Stabilized heel and reduced strain on muscles while running with 3D POWER GRAPHITE built into midsole


    By incorporating a 3D graphite plate from the heel to the midsole, the heel is firmly supported, stabilizing the landing and reducing lateral movement. In addition, the graphite is laminated in the optimal fiber direction, enhancing both flexibility and stability. With the addition of 3D POWER GRAPHITE strain on muscles is greatly reduced.


    *When comparing inward tilt of the ankle while stepping with/ without the presence of 3D POWER GRAPHITE, inward tilt was 25% less with added graphite. (tested at the Niigata Institute for Health and Sports Medicine)

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